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Bagley for County Commissioner Precinct 4

Bob for County Commissioner Precinct 4

A Native Texan, Bob is a Vietnam and Gulf War disabled Veteran. Father of three beautiful daughters and granddaughters, with another granddaughter soon to be born, Bob has been a grassroots activist, lobbying locally and at the State Capitol for years, and promoting the Constitution and all it stands for. He has fought locally to: stop the Toxic Wells Injection (still in progress); remove access on public school and local government computers to pornography (victory); block the use of the local landfill for hazardous
wastes (a compromise was reached); remove pornographic and homosexual books from the children’s section of the
library (County Commissioners voted against this); ensure new roads and road construction met the needs of the
community (still in progress). READ More

Rumors, Tall Tales, and Gossip is designed to take focus from the real issues and what really matters to the people of Montgomery County Precinct 4, Montgomery Count, Texas!

Fish Tales/Truths

Please join with me in unifying our community in an effort to support the most conservative candidate in the Primary Election for East Montgomery County Commissioner, Precinct No. 4,  Montgomery County, Texas .